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Buying and Selling Companies

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Incorporated in 1999, ZIMMA Corporate Finance is Mexico´s leading banking firm with over 50 years of combined experience, focused on M&A deals, debt restructuring and capital raising for mid-market companies with annual sales over USD 10 million. Through its advisory, ZIMMA´s main objective is to maximize the value of its clients.

Having successfully participated in over 60 transactions, the team has consistently maximized its client’s value through experience in obtaining better terms, the development of creative financial structures and the creation of competition between potential investors.

Additionally, ZIMMA is the exclusive representative in México of “Oaklins”, the leading global alliance in mid-market Oaklins transactions. With over 600 professionals in over 40 countries around the world, this alliance allows ZIMMA to generate foreign appetite for local transactions, thereby generating competition and maximizing the value of its clients.

ZIMMA´s services in any transaction include:

  • 1.- Understanding

    Of the business.

  • 2.- Valuation

    Of the company and pricing models.

  • 3.- Development

    Of marketing materials.

  • 4.- Identification

    And presentation to potential investors / roadshow.

  • 5.- Negotiation

    With investors (financial or strategic).

  • 6.-Coordination

    Of due diligence.

  • 7.- Transaction

    Closing support.

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