Acquiryng a company

Experts in advising companies with annual turnover exceeding US $15 million.

Buy-side advisory

If the customer has already identified a target company, ZIMMA participates on behalf of the customer, dedicating specialized professionals with experience in analysis and acquisition negotiation.

If the client still requires a screening for potential acquisition targets, ZIMMA provides its knowledge and contacts according to the customer’s requirements and establishes contact with targets that may be willing to be acquired.

In both cases, ZIMMA carries out an understanding of the target and its industry to understand in detail the value drivers and key trends of the sector. With this information, ZIMMA develops a financial model that results in the valuation of the target and supports negotiation with the prospect.

Once the valuation is negotiated, ZIMMA supports the selection of advisors for due diligence along with the coordination of the flow of information. Based on due diligence results, ZIMMA works closely with advisors in drafting closing contracts, ensuring that the terms and conditions that most favor the client are preserved.

ZIMMA offers buy-side advisory to customers who wish to acquire a company with annual sales of more than USD $ 15 million.

This type of service can be provided to customers who either have already identified the target company or that require support in the search for a business with certain characteristics.