Selling your business: Answering key questions

Sooner or later, many entrepreneurs are faced with the question of succession. They must decide whether they want to sell their business and, if so, how to go about it. The sale process can be a huge challenge, both for the organization and for the owner. Therefore, it is important to plan this step in a timely manner. This booklet provides essential information on how best to prepare for the sale process, and offers answers to crucial questions which arise during the different stages of the process. Furthermore, it illustrates the obstacles which could impede the process, the aspects the seller must focus on in particular and how the process is dependent on their personal commitment.

  • What is involved in the sale process?
  • Should price expectations be set?
  • How much time will the owner and the management team need to invest in the sale process?
  • Does the buyer care why the business is for sale?
  • Does the seller have to stay in the company after the transaction?
  • How can confidentiality be maintained?
  • Who should be retained to advise on the sale of the business?
  • What are some common mistakes owners make when selling their business?