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Complementary Services

ZIMMA’s Principals have assisted numerous public and private corporations in executing their acquisition strategies. We strive to deliver shareholder value to corporate acquirers through the principles established in Adquisición y el Valor de las Sinergias. At the outset of each engagement we work diligently to understand our clients’ corporate strategy and business culture. Each work program is specifically agreed with our clients at the outset of the engagement, which can include:

• Identifying Targets
Undertake market research on a global scale through our membership in M&A International to identify and rank the most suitable acquisition candidates.
• Target Company Analysis
Review the financial and operational documentation and other materials provided by the target company, and objectively advise the buyer on the value potential and risk profile of the acquisition opportunity.
• Valuation and Pricing Assessment
Develop comprehensive valuation and pricing models that objectively assess the worth of the target company, and that incorporates market influences.
• Deal Structuring
Develop a transaction structure that accommodates the resources and objectives of the buyer and that will satisfy the seller’s interests.
• Negotiations
Use appropriate strategies and tactics to negotiate the transaction with the seller and their representatives.
• Due Diligence
Assist in information gathering and in managing the due diligence process on behalf of the buyer.
• Documentation and Closing
Work with the buyer’s legal counsel and tax advisors to negotiate and finalize the terms of the purchase agreement and related management contracts and non-competition agreements.

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