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Autobuses Grupo Estrella Blanca
Debt restructuring

Urban Transport

Compra / Venta de Empresas

Cliente: Autobuses Grupo Estrella Blanca

Año: 2005

Actividad: Transportation of passengers between cities

Grupo Estrella Blanca is one of the largest passenger transportation companies in Mexico with over 4,400 buses, covering much of the country.

The total financial debt at the time was in excess of US$900 million. The Company had been in negotiations to restructure its debt with debt-holders during the past 3 years without an aligned plan.

Following the intervention of ZIMMA, with full support of the executive and legal counsel of the Company, ZIMMA executed a restructure scheme within 9 months, which reduced the financial debt from US$900 million to US$300 million, to assure the continuity of the Company.

Subsequently, some assets of the Company valued in US$150 million were sold, reducing the outstanding debt by 50%.

In 2005, the Company rehired ZIMMA because of its professionalism and expertise to carry out an equity injection to capitalize the Company with US$150 million.

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