Resuelve tu Deuda

Resuelve tu Deuda is a debt settlement company that helps its clients to pay their overdue debts through a monthly savings plan designed according to their financial capabilities. The company has various lines of business, including personal loans (to repair debt), a P2P loan platform, consultations, and interpretation of credit bureau information. As part of its services, Resuelve tu Deuda negotiates with banks on behalf of its clients to obtain a significant reduction in their debt and support total repayment. The company is present in Latin America and Europe, with more than 1,000 employees, serving over 120,000 clients.

Thanks to the efforts and professionalism of the ZIMMA team, Resuelve tu Deuda received capital investment from DILA Capital and Alloy Merchant Finance for a total of MX$453 million. The company was also able to attract two strategic partners that are strongly interested in the company’s development and growth, implementing a structure that will allow Resuelve tu Deuda’s founding partners to increase their participation in the company when certain results are attained.

Sell-side advisory

Activity: Debt repair, savings plans, and loans

Year 2019